Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Restore Balance with Nature and Preserve Our Future

One Giant Sequoia Planted Today Sequesters an Average Lifetime's Use of Carbon  

We Grow and Plant Giant Sequoia Trees to Offset Personal Carbon Use

Together with our clients, we help diversify the range of an endangered species, preserve natural habitat and help restore our atmosphere. 


Nature and Habitat

With every project, we are committed to ensuring that endangered species such as the Giant Sequoia are foundational to the effort. In this way, we help diversify and expand the range of some of nature's greatest monuments while also preserving natural habitat and restoring balance with nature. We believe this is our greatest purpose.


Our Shared Atmosphere

Change is hard, and the development of new technology is slow. But regardless of the solution that follows fossil fuel, carbon will still need to be filtered from the atmosphere. In that effort, we don't need to wait. Restoring and expanding forests that have the ability to sequester large amounts of carbon can start right now. 


A More Peaceful World

World Peace will take science, education, innovation, and direct action administering to the immediate suffering at hand to create.  Sovereign Sequoia's mission to restore balance with nature and help humanity realize a higher purpose are key to enabling the vision of SOVEREIGN PEACE  to uplift humanity above conflict. 

Earth - Our Only Home


Creating Art With Nature

Land Acquisition

A vital part of rebalancing Earth's atmosphere is protecting existing habitat as well as  restoring or foresting previously barren land.  Trees have exceptional capacity for long term atmospheric carbon storage. Giant Sequoias are the fastest growing conifers in the world and are the largest living  organisms on Earth.  Clean air is one of our most valuable commodities, its worth our investment to protect and improve. 

Curated Forest Creation

Our Vision for every project is not to simply produce groves of trees, but to create a work of art. A place where people can experience their connection with nature and feel the inspiration of a greater purpose beyond their everyday life. Hidden within the living portrait are designs that maximize land use to ensure the highest degree of carbon sequestration while also adding harmony with the existing environment.

Foggy Forest
Nursery Operations

There is nothing more additive to ridding the atmosphere of carbon than the emergence of a new seedling. That's why every Giant Sequoia we plant is the result of a dedicated process starting with a seed in our nursery.

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