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Build a Legacy Worthy of a Lifetime

Plans and Pricing

It All Begins With A Seed

Awakening the Giant

The work of taking carbon out of the atmosphere begins with the birth of each Giant Sequoia seedling. The Giant Sequoia has the largest carbon storage capacity of any other organism on earth. Unfortunately, deforestation and habitat loss has created the circumstances where they are only found naturally in a very narrow strip of land in the California (USA), Sierra Nevada mountains. However, Giant Sequoias were at one time found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and can be successfully grown in many moderate climate locations. Our aim is to protect this magnificent tree by establishing new groves in diverse locations while using their carbon storage capacity to help rebalance our atmosphere. 


Curated Forest Creation

Environmental Action, Enjoyment and Legacy

With Sovereign Sequoia, each passing year brings more carbon drawn from the atmosphere and sequestered into the growing monuments dedicated to bringing humanity back in harmony with nature. Over the course of an 80 year life, a Giant Sequoia planted today will on average sequester that person's entire carbon footprint, and provide future generations the opportunity to visit one of our curated forests and pay tribute to the living monuments that will stand because dedicated people with vision saw a better future for our world and then had the conscience and courage to build it.

Plans and Pricing

Building a New Environmental Engine

Planning and Technology

Diversifying a species and tackling atmospheric recomposition are no small tasks. However, great intellect, technology and innovation are readily available to meet these challenges. Our projects are not simply trees dropped into the ground. Each tree is a high value asset that is meticulously maintained to help foster its growth, health and safety. The effort of Sovereign Sequoia is not a short term obligation - it is generational. With every new tree that is planted, the effort to improve the atmosphere strengthens and the Giant Sequoia range expanded. Your crucial participation today will have an impact that reverberates into history.

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