More Beautiful Tomorrow

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Today we seem to be at a crossroads, the intersection where technology has taken us beyond some of our wildest dreams while at the same time widening our understanding of how the environment is eroding around us. While there are many loud voices saying that climate change is fiction or that human activity has little to do with a natural cycle of temperature change that is always occurring, it is to humanity’s detriment that we ignore our increasing population, species that are disappearing, viruses that are emerging, glaciers that are retreating, forests that are vanishing, water that is poisonous, air that is noxious, and people that are starving.

On the present course, what will we leave our children? It seems short sighted - selfish even, to be content to leave our children with less rather than more than we received. More forests, more animals, more natural habitat, better health, cleaner air, cleaner drinking water, bluer oceans and no starvation. It isn’t an outrageous prospect to leave a better world behind, it simply takes a change in what we value and what we see as our purpose.

For generations we have taken from nature and used it for our own purpose without regard to any other inhabitant or future generation. We were simply content to take what we could in the moment and then turn a blind eye to the future consequences. Perhaps we can dismiss those days to arrogance directed by ignorance. But today, there is no ignorance with regard to the impacts being levied on our environment due to human activity.

Sovereign Sequoia is an effort to leave more than we started with. To help improve the air that we breathe and to expand the range of one of the most amazing creations of nature. There can be no argument that we have not been leaving more beauty than we received. However we can change that today, by considering what we currently value and how we can adapt our values to include the needs of our environment. Valuing nature more than we do as a society today can go along way to securing a better future for our children.

Things are busy, and we can get lost in the moment of our lives, making it hard to focus on the future. But consider that the custodianship of our world might be our greatest calling and perhaps the reason for our very existence. There are almost 8 billion people on the planet – small changes can equate to enormous benefits. If taking care of this planet is humanity’s purpose, what small thing will you do everyday to help provide more beauty tomorrow than you have today?

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